Age Management z.s. informs that the project „Platform for Age Management Within V4 Countries“ supported by the Visegrad Fund has officially begun.

Name of the project: Platform for Age Management within V4 Countries (no. 21520128)

Duration: 11 months (02/16 – 12/16)

This web page will be regularly updated with regards to the project Schedule.

Our project is determined by the current demographic situation resulting in the aging workforce that has become a significant issue throughout Europe.

Our aim is to build a strong and sustainable partnership across V4 countries that will support the spread of the awareness of the concept of age management which offers a complex support and solution to the above mentioned topic.

With regards to our project aim we plan to launch and accomplish the following project activities:

  • Formation of a new platform website as a significant tool for establishing and strengthening of our partnership and for sharing the project outputs
  • Drawing of a detailed analysis of the demographic development in V4 countries and of a comparative analysis of the age management concept in V4 countries (September 2016)
  • Organization of a joint interactive workshop in the Czech Republic that will sum up all project activities and outputs (November 2016)

These websites were created under the project “Platform for Age Management Within the V4 Countries” supported by the Visegrad Fund (no. 21520128).

Grant holder

Age Management z.s., Brno, Czech Republic.
Website: www.agemanagement.cz

Project partners

Aptet n.o., Levice, Slovakia.
Website: www.aptet.sk

Projektanci Kariery Dawid Seifert (Career Designers Dawid Seifert), Opole, Poland.
Website: www.projektancikariery.pl

Harmadik Kor Egyetemi Miskolc Alapítvány (“Third Age University” Foundation, Miskolc) Miskolc, Hungary.
Website: www.harmadikkoregyeteme.hu



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