Brief introduction of project partner organization

Mission, vision, brief history of the organization, activities, successes, challenges, plans for the future 

From the first day of our activity we have been guided by the motto of our CEO, David,  who always stresses that he never offers to his customers anything what he would not accept himself. Today, a team of Career  Designers act bearing in mind these words. Trust, which we have developed over many years as  Career Designers among our customers, is our greatest asset and the driving force for passion in action, which allowed us to become a leading partner in training and consulting field on the local market. We want commitment, honesty and professionalism to be the hallmark of our company, and our best qualified team make effort every day to provide added value growth not only in our business, but especially in your organization. Based on knowledge of the local market and unique international experience we offer the highest quality service, improving processes for our customers.

Respect, honesty, professionalism and passion are important parts of the management strategy and the offer of our company. The basis of our business are respecting the dignity and rights of every person in human relationships and compliance with the highest standards of moral and ethical rules, as well as honesty, integrity and sincerity.

On the other hand, our professionalism,  which results from many years of experience and extensive knowledge of both our employees and the experts with whom we cooperate,  allows us to build the level of our services, which will fully meet your highest expectations.

Our work is our passion. We like what we do, we work with enthusiasm, commitment and often with dedication. We are motivated by new opportunities and perspectives that often go far beyond the horizon.  We do not let a routine lead us on the way to our and your success. 

More than a decade of experience has allowed us to create a comprehensive offer of counseling and training. We have been on the market since 2002. We started our activity as a company supporting HR processes. We have worked with Polish and Western Europe companies in the areas of: recruitment,  provider of personnel as a temporary employment agency and recruitment for specialist positions within the HR consulting.

Today we are constantly developing, we are also expanding the range of HR services and improving its  quality. Over the recent years we have been  focusing on training activities and consulting. Additionally, we are the authors of competence tests and other recruitment tools. We created a web portal with job and training offers. Our experience and knowledge have led us in the direction of creating the image in business as well as efficient and professional recruitment. Today, these areas have become our specialization and we are willing to share our experience with you.

We regularly work with psychologists, personnel counselors, training companies and professional experts from all over Poland. As a company with experience in the implementation of projects co-financed by the EU, we decided on further continuation of work in this direction, successfully implementing projects both locally and internationally.

We have successfully carried out the following EU projects:

  1.  „Career Designers”, where we provided a counselling and training suport to people entering to job market,
  2. „The best in HR, “where we enhanced  competence of SMEs personnel employees in Opole region.
  3. The new dimension of management”– an international project in which we provided comprehensive support for SMEs managers in the form of training, coaching and study visit to Spain,
  4.  „Lifebelt – a fast return to the labor market” in which we provided a comprehensive suport for all those, who  lost their jobs due to employer reasons (we provided training, coaching, psychological support and providing professional internships)

We are HR partners for International and Polish companies.  We have realized many projects in the area of personnel management. In our work we focus on the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes that we implement in the companies, which together with the business knowledge and positive relationships in the HR environment allowed us to take a safe path to success.

All the used solutions we will specifically adjust to your expectations with taking into account a reasonable cost calculation along with the high quality of services.

The main representatives of organizations (photos)

CEO,  owner of company,   member of the board of directors, entrepreneur.



He specializes in the field of human resources. He is especially interested in the search, recruitment and selection on the Polish and international labor market. He has  rich experience in management, promotion and creation of structures of employment agencies on the labor market.

His goals are:

-improving the efficiency of processes, efficiency of Staff and at the same time achiving better business results for the serviced company,

-Creating and implementing modern, interesting and inspiring training at home and abroad for managerial staff,

-Conducting recruitment processes for middle and top management.

The areas in which he specializes:

Management of recruitment projects, professional specialized trainings in the area of personal and social competencies, process management, Internet marketing, creating HR tools for Staff evaluation, competence and personality tests, creating procedures and systems of recruitment, creating organizational structures for international recruitment, posting of workers to work abroad, training and consulting for companies covered by the EU funds.

After work he is still active; he swims and practices boxing which drives him to further action. He likes to relax with his wife in hot countries.

Quote that inspires his activity:

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”Albert Einstein

HR Manager HR consultant, coach, counselor, psychologist



She works as a consultant, coach, counselor and head of the substantive complex development projects. She completed a course in management and create competence tests. In her work she combines psychological knowledge with experience in managing people.

For 8 years she worked for a recruitment company, first as a recruitment consultant and then as personal advisor. She has experience in management of recruitment projects for middle and top management. She is a specialist in implementation of new methods and developing a selection matrix. She carries out and prepares an assessment of the candidates by AC / DC method. During the selection process  she uses the psychological tests. She is an expert on the labor market. She takes part in lectures / lectures at universities and the theme of the lectures are: Recruitment interview from employer and candidate perspective – differences.  How to measure your potential?

She  also ocnducts workshops (open) for students, students in the field: How to deal with stress during a job interview, simulations of interviews, personal potential  – what it is and what purpose it serves?

As a career counselor she conducts numerous research of professional aptitude and motivation of candidates. She gives assistance in the choice of profession, training or further education. She takes into account the possibility of both psychophysical and life situation and the needs of the labor market. She has many years of experience in working with youth –  she runs workshops activating youth in the study of their potential and making the most of it. She combines business with studying.

She has been coordinating the comprehensive development projects since 2010, mainly aimed at managers and HR departments (eg. The best in HR – project designed for the middle level staff; New dimension of management – project aimed at managerial staff). She creates training plans, selects the coaching staff, writes the concepts of development projects.

She has been working as a coach for three years mainly in the area of executive coaching. She supports the objectives and skillfully follows the customer in accordance with the ethics of the Coach. 

  • Contact person for cross-border cooperation

DAWID SEIFERT, CEO, tel. +48 601 998 999 e-mail:

Logo of the company


Why did we join the V4 project with the concept of age management (and our plans for the future in this field)

We decided to participate in the project, due to the fact that:

  1. Firstly, this is the zone of our interests and daily activities
  2. Secondly, it is an area which requires rapid intervention, because, presently we are an aging society and, therefore, there should be quickly introduced an effective repair project, which will contribute to the synergy between the generations, which is a joint action giving a bigger, better effects on the labor market. 
  • Our work on the concept of age management, CSR, our contribution in this area in the region / country; the situation on the labor market in relation to the aging of the population and workforce as a significant demographic trend (eg. measurement / project / activity as a support to a specific group on the labor market, etc.) 

As a company that deals with HR processes we take almost every day activities that revolve around the concept of age management:

  1. We participate in public consultations,
  2. We participate in radio where we promote the idea of age management
  3. We participate in conferences
  4. Recently we made a substantial contribution to the conference on age management
  5. Every day we pass the idea to our customers, who are faced with staffing problems (too young or too aged staff)
  6. We write and carry out projects in which leave space for discussions about age management



Phone: +420 732 159 321

Office (where you can find us):
Orlí 542/27, third floor, 602 00, Brno

The entrance to the building at Orlí 27 is situated in the arcade (between the French Second Hand and the optics). When you walk up the stairs, on the left side you can see our doorbell.