Strategic documents concerning current job market situation and documents dealing with Ageing Policy

Documents on the national labor market situation, policy / pension reforms

  1. A national report for Poland 2015:

  1. Commision working paper – Europe eu:
  2. National Action Plan for Employment for the years 2015-2017 (KPDZ/2015-2017) (Project):

  1. Pension system:
  2. The EU contribution to the promotion of active aging and solidarity between generations:
  3. The process of aging in the context of the challenges of demography, social policy and research reports:

Binding and relevant legal provisions

  1. Age discrimination :
  2. Age discrimination:

Documents of European strategies (action plans 2020 , health 2020, etc.):

Possibilities of project activities – national / international funds:



Documents available in English or Polish but with the annotation of theme related documents (mainly those relating to age management and aging):

  1. Population Projection 2014- 2050
  2. Statistical data on employment:

Programme in the field of public health:



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