Brief introduction of project partner organization

History of the organization, activities, vision and goals

Non-profit organization Apet N.O. was founded on May 6th, 2014 on the initiative of founding members to provide public benefit activities primarily aimed at helping to solve human adaptation problems that are an integral part of the aging process itself.

Since its foundation, Aptet N.O. has been providing community services under § 2, section 2 of Law No. 213/1997 Coll. on non-profit organizations providing public benefit activities, as amended, in the field of creation, development, protection, restoration and presentation of spiritual and cultural values by means of organization, provision and realization of seminars, courses, discussions and conferences which aim at pre-senior and senior education as well as at other services focused on training and education.

Key information on the organization

Title: Aptet N.O.

Place of residence: Mlynská 2238, 934 01 LEVICE, the Slovak Republic

ID: 45 743 126

DIČ: 2024101376 (ID for taxes)



The word „aptet“ is the Latin word expressing the ability to adapt. Primarily, it is the person´s ability to adapt to new life circumstances and withstand all the irreversible processes that is crucial and essential necessity for human being from the evolutionary point of view.

On one hand, within above mentioned processes, we have to respect changes in the bio – psycho – socio and spiritual status of human being. On the other hand, it is our duty to search for strategies by which we are able to make the most out of the new circumstances.

Our activities, goals and vision

Our activities are related to:

the development of the pre-senior education in the Slovak Republic

the transfer and establishment of the concept of age management in the Slovak Republic

the realization of support groups designed to help family caregivers of people with Alzheimer´s disease

Our goals are:

to extend various types of support groups

to develop and enhance the community of the age management concept supporters

to support the development of the anti-ageism initiative

The vision of our organization is to provide a solid covered-in cooperation of experts of various disciplines and fields and reflect the results of their work not only in general level and practice, but also within particularly targeted assistance.

Main organization representatives

1skMgr. Stanislav Lőrincz / tel.: +421 915 773 229



Chairman of the organization

A trained teacher, who has been active in the field of adult education for more than 12 years. He is a co-founder of a number of project and he applies his vast experience in the project management field in the preparation and implementation phases of such projects under the Operational Programme Research and Innovation as well as Operation Programme Human Resources. As the Chairman of the Board of Aptet N.o., he is the creator and guardian of the organization vision and the manager of the professional and expert activities.

2skPhDr. Katarína Lőrinczová / tel.: +421 919 203 806



Vice chairwoman of the organization

An accredited music therapist, a teacher working in a specialized social services centre, who, within her professional work background, specializes mostly in therapeutic interventions, individual plans and rehabilitation of clients in the social services centre. She is the leader of a support group of family caregivers of people with Alzheimer´s disease that is organized by Aptet N.O. She also ensures communication and cooperation with English speaking partners. With her tireless effort to constantly move forward her own frontiers of knowledge and apply innovative approaches in social work, she significantly helps to move forward also the entire organization in its progress and development.

3skIng. Agnesa Gubišová / tel.: +421 904 643 787



Control Body Member

A project manager with number of years of experience with the preparation and implementation of various national and transnational projects. Her activities for charity organizations, her success in projects such as Leader or MAS, as well as in projects dealing with economic and social growth, provided her with the status of recognized authority in the region. Thanks to her expertise and number of practical experience, she is a solid foundation of key values of our organization.

4skBc. Igor Hrošovský / tel.: +421 903 228 133



Managing Director, Statutory Authority

Since 1991 he has held various managerial position in the commercial sector, especially in business organizations. Last 10 years he has been intensively dealing with training, coaching and education of employees of various organization, including public administration field. He graduated from university in the field of management, economics and public administration. As a managing director of Aptet, N.O., his responsibility is to manage all legal obligations and communication with donors.

5skBc. Eva Pusztiová / tel.: +421 907 344 188




An expert with number of years of experience in the field of the implementation and realization of education programmes for adults with specialization in target group of job seekers and handicapped people. As an auditor of Aptet N.O. she is actively involved in the preparation and implementation of organization activities in Levice region.


Age Management and Aptet N.O.

Our first contact with the concept of age management is connected with the very process of creation of our organization Aptet N.O. Since we started to define our existence, we believed that the pre-senior education and age management form very close concepts as to the specific interventions of the subjected target group as well as tools used to achieve the aimed outcome.

Age management itself is perceived as a specific key how to involve Slovak employers and state administration in the process of dealing with the demographic problems together with the other European countries with the aim to take the most out of the vast potential of older workers.

Firstly, we got familiar and inspired by the enormous potential of the project “Age Management Strategy in the Czech Republic,” which was realized in the Czech Republic within the years of 2010 and 2012.[1]

In the summer of 2014, we managed to contact Mr. Prof. Dr (Emer.) Juhani Imarinen, Ph.D., the initiator of the concept of age management, with a request for an interview which was subsequently published on our organization website.[2]

From our point of view, the most important step to the development of age management concept in the Slovak Republic was the acquisition of personal contacts with our neighbouring country, the Czech Republic. Our countries has common historical background as well as very similar prognoses of the development of the demographic situation.

In October 2014 we participated in a meeting in Brno with Mrs. Mgr. Ilona Štorová, the chairwoman of Age Management z.s.. This meeting is perceived as a milestone towards the establishment of a future cooperation with this organization. Mrs. Ilona Štorová is considered an expert in the field of implementation and further development of the concept of age management in the Czech Republic. Therefore, we as organization, as well as our whole country, managed to obtain the contact with the expert on the subjected field on one hand and a on the other hand, the person with enormous willingness to build the cooperation and start the implementation of age management within our country.

In January 2015, our organization participated in the training courses focused on age management in the Czech Republic.  Mrs. Štorová actively holds lectures and attends conferences and seminars in Slovakia. In March 2015, the specific initiative was established under her support. It brought together non-profit organization Age Managemet o.s. (currently z. s. – ie. registered association) from the Czech Republic and organizations from Slovakia – our organization Aptet N.O., non-profit organization Bagar O.Ž and Age Mana Balancing O.Ž.

Joining this “alliance” is fully in line with our Statute and mission and it is another subsequent step towards the systemic change of the perspective of old age and the whole aging process. The role of our organization, also within this partnership, is to provide particular and qualified assistance to employees and employers in dealing with topics such as harmonization of work and private life, searching for life balance and establishing efficient retirement plans. We are honoured to be part of this unique partnership which we consider an obligation deriving for the sophistication of the whole age management concept.

The realization of the project “Platform for Age Management within V4 Countries” (No. 21520128), which is funded by International Visegrad Fund is a significant milestone for our organization as well as for the further development of the concept of age management in the Slovak Republic.

Aptet N.O. has currently been negotiating the purchase of a commercial licence to translate and use the Work Ability Index® in Slovak area. It is a specific tool to measure work abilities of employees, with the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health which is the renowned pioneer of age management and work ability measurements.

Our plans with age management in our country are bold but not unrealistic. We firmly believe that thanks to project such as the current one we can lay a solid foundation not only for the “Work Ability House,” but also for the whole society. Age management as an integrated concept can significantly help with the entire process of attitude change towards the role and importance of members of older generation, not only in terms of workplace but also as a society as a whole.





Phone: +420 732 159 321

Office (where you can find us):
Orlí 542/27, third floor, 602 00, Brno

The entrance to the building at Orlí 27 is situated in the arcade (between the French Second Hand and the optics). When you walk up the stairs, on the left side you can see our doorbell.