Age management – current situation with regards to local job market situation

Projections show that the proportion of young people aged up to 14 years for the total population will tend to decrease, which means that at the labor market will not be enough economically active population, which would “feed the” how young people who are not yet in the workforce and older a person who has gone from working life. This leads us to the idea that you will need to retain older workers for as long as possible in the labor market, to the failure of labor in some way to “replace.” It is therefore imperative that the issue of aging and age, and support work ability increasing attention already today time, we had time to prepare for the challenges that an aging population in the future will bring (Miškelová, 2015).

Screening of the main projects about the age management concept and its implementation

OP LZZ (Human Resources and Employment Operational Programme) Project: “Age Management Strategy in the Czech Republic” (2010-2012)

  • Implemented by AIVD, o.s.
  • The realization of this project was transferred to age management methodology and concept of working capacity of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health in Helsinki (FIOH) to the Czech Republic.
  • The project was focused on the target group of people aged over 50 years.
  • The main goal of this project was the transfer of innovative tools for solving the problems with the target group of people aged over 50 years in the labour market.
  • Projects activities were awareded by National Quality Award for support of Age Management in the Czech Republic in November, 2012.
  • Project website:
  • Project Outputs: Methodological Guide:

Comparative Analysis:

The publication “The Employee and the Age or Age Management in the workplace” by Ilona Štorová and RNDr. Jiří Fukan, Ph.D. (2012)

OP LZZ Project: “Implementation of Age Management in the Czech Republic” (2013-2015)

  • Implemented by AIVD, o.s.
  • The main objective of the project is to create tools to solve the problems of the target group 50+ on the labor market in the form of implementation of principles of Age Management with the support of international cooperation with the Netherlands.
  • The project includes an analysis of tools, methods and procedures in the field of age management in the Czech Republic and the EU. Three modules of training activities for different target groups are developed. Then the pilot testing of training modules is realized on a sample of 190 people and pilot testing of Work Ability Index (WAI) at sample of 240 people and statistical evaluation. That will form the basis for initiation of possible changes in the field of occupational health care.
  • Project website:
  • Project Outputs: Age Management: How to Understand Aging and How to Respond to It. Employment Opportunities Age Management in the Czech Republic Guide for Individuals, Organizations and Society:
  • Articles about the project in media:

OP VK Project “Training of trainers for sustainable development with a focus on age management” (2013 – 2015)

Platform Age Management sk.

  • Age Management z.s. became a part of the platform for age management in the Slovak Republic, together with other organizations: Bagar o.z., Aptet N.O. and Age Management Balancing o.z
  • Platform Website:

Visegrad Fund International Conference on the theme “Age Difference – Threat or Opportunity” in Poland Opole (January, 2016)

The Publication: “Age management for employers, focusing on older workers” by Ilona Štorová (2016)

“Towards a Successful Seniority”, peer groups (2016)

  • Certificated by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health in Helsinki (FIOH,
  • Since May 2016, Age Management z.s. has a right to use the method and train the trainers in Czech language area in the future.
  • The Towards Successful Seniority™ group method has been developed to promote the career management, expertise and mental well-being of employees and supervisors in today’s rapidly changing world of work. The method increases participants’ opportunities to discover successful career-related solutions and strengthens their ability to cope with potential setbacks.

Institutions/ expert organizations, scientific workplaces which deal with age management or work ability concept

  • Organizations where the Work Ability of employees was measured in the project: “Implementation of Age Management in the Czech Republic” (2013-2015):

Bank Sector: Komerční banka

Public administration: Police Presidium of the Czech Republic

Power engineering: Skupina ČEZ

Car industry: WITTE Nejdek

  • Conclusions:

“The results are gratifying for us. The average value of the WAI index at Komerční banka reached above-average score, which means that we will continue to support fixed staffing strategy. Evaluation showed on areas for improvement, which are only subjected to deeper analysis. The index measuring the ability to work, we plan to continue, “said Pavel Jirák, Executive Director of Human Resources at Komerční banka (Source:

  • Organizations where the Work Ability was measured in the Project “Training of trainers for sustainable development with a focus on age management” (2013 – 2015)

Health Industry:

Boskovice Hospital Ltd.

Charity Hospital Letovice, contributory organization

Municipal Administration of Social Services BOSKOVICE, contributory organization

Private doctors and medical staff from the region Boskovicko 

Examples of good practice

  • Škoda Auto

– Skoda Auto is one of the several companies participating in the pilot project “The third career”: It promotes lifelong learning and improving labor market conditions for employees older than 50 years



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