Brief introduction of project partner organization

Age Management z.s. is an organization which associates experts in the field of Human Resources Development (sociologists, adult educators, demographers, educationalists, psychologists, work and examinar doctors), who have been active in this field for long time in both – the regional level and the national level.

Our members are also active with the Czech University background (Masaryk University in Brno, Palacký University in Olomouc, ČVUT in Prague, BIBS) in education, adult education and personal management fields. They are involved in several working groups dealing with age management (MPSV, The Association of Adult Education Institutions of the Czech Republic, o.s.) and regularly participate in drawing up policy and strategic documents at the national level and in the South Moravian region.

Our mission is to help and support the development of age management in the Czech Republic.

Our vision is to become a reputable professional partner in the process of implementation of age management tools for various organizations and companies who deal with demograhpic changes and chalenges in their workplaces.

We connect organizations and individuals who deal with human resources development with the aim to establish and promote cooperation, experience exchange and good practice examples transfer.

We offer a new view of personal activities with respect to individual needs on workplace and consideration for age matters.

Our goals

  • Iniciation of change in approaches to age, struggle against age stereotypes and discrimination based on age.
  • Cooperation with governmental and nongovernmental bodies, international organizations and other subjects, who operate in the field of human resources development.
  • Participation and cooperation on formation and alterations of legal regulations and strategic documents in the field of employment policy of ČR.
  • Participation in age management research and development projects.
  • Cooperation with partner organizations in the field of experience exchange and good example practice transfer.
  • Offerring and providing of consultancy and counselling services in age management field of practice.
  • Development and realization of educational activities for company management.
  • Support of disadvantaged persons with regards to their age in terms of their employment and education, workplace age diversity support.
  • Publishing of various publications with the aim of popularization and age management edification, active aging and cross-generation solidarity support. 

Main organization representatives


Mgr. Ilona Štorová 

The chairwoman of the association
Phone number: + 420 734 318 795

  • Project manager and lecturer
  • the chairwoman of Age Management z. s. association
  • an expert in the field of adult education and age management
  • a member the working group for Age Management of the government Council for Elderly People and Ageing
  • a member of the Professional Section of Corporate Social Responsibility and the working group of training elder adults in the Czech Republic within The Association of Adult Education Institutions
  • a member of executive board of The Association of Adult Education Institutions
  • a member of the working group for lifelong learning development in the South-bohemian region

Additional Information:

  • Education: UPOL Olomouc, Personal Management and Andragogy (Master Degree)
  • Certified Project Manager, Certified tester of ECDL and Certified Lecturer in the field of Adult Education 

2aMgr. Michaela Kostelníková

Phone number: + 420 732 159 321


  • lecturer, project and financial manager
  • employee and member of Age Management z. s. association (active interest in the field of age management and its implementation)


  • Masaryk University Brno, Sociology (Mgr.)
  • Masaryk University Brno,  Sociology and social anthropology (Bc.)

Other activities:

  • Financial manager of a project funded by ESF HREOP „Active approach, age does not matter“ (the objective of the project was a complex support for people aged 50+ and assuring their return to the labour market)
  • Attendant of a summer school in Northern Ireland called „Challenges and Opportunities of the Ageing Society: Exploring the Role of Technology, which was held within the activities of a PACITA project (“Parliaments and Civil Society in Technology Assessment“)

3aMgr. Martina Miškelová

Phone number: + 420 603 183 559


  • Project Manager, teacher, lecturer
  • Employee and member of Age Management z. s. association (active interest in the field of age management, work ability concept and its implementation)


  • Masaryk University Brno, Pedagogy and English (Bc.)
  • Student of Andragogy (adult education)

Other Activities:

  • Support of realisation team of projects dealing with implementation of age management concept funded by ESF HREOP „Active approach, age does not matter“ and “Implementation

Our logo


Why did we designed the V4 project dealing with the age management concept (our future plans in the field) 

The main idea behind the concept of age management is human resource management with respect to age and potential of employees. The aim is to enhance synergistic cooperation among all age groups in the workplace (graduates, parents with small children, members of the “sandwich generation” and older workers). Age Management o. s. follows up with the long-term scientific research and good practice of the Finish Institute of Occ.Health, which has been transferred and applied to the Czech R. background. By creating the platform for partner institutions, Age Management z. s. intends to spread out the awareness of the concept of AM and examples of good practice to the other V4 countries, where the concept is still relatively a new topic.

Cooperation with partner countries will vigorously continue after the end of the project. The exploratory research study results and conclusions of the workshop will be published on a common web platform. Part of the final meeting of the project partners during the workshop will be drafting on a common way forward in implementing the concept of age management and transfer of good practice and experience from the Czech Republic. The aim of further cooperation among the countries of this platform is to jointly build a common database measuring the work ability of employees by means of a unique measuring technique, Work Ability Index™ – WAI™, which will contribute to the knowledge of the state of working capacity in the V4 countries and its further exploration, support, sustainability and further enhancement. 

Our up-to-now activities concerning age management concept, work ability concept 

As members of various implementation teams, we worked on dozens of projects financed by the EU. Our members were also actively involved in the preparation of the National Action Plan to Prepare for Positive aging 2013 – 2017, which was prepared last year by MPSV. The chairwoman of the organization is acting in the working group for Age Management of the Government Council for Elderly People and Aging. She is also a member of the Professional Section of Corporate Social Responsibility and the working group on training elder adults in the Czech Republic AIVD, z.s. (The Association of Adult Education Institutions).

In 2010-2012 we were involved as key members of the implementation and expert team for project OP LZZ “Age Management Strategy in the Czech Republic”, which was implemented by AIVD, o.s. The realization of this project was transferred to age management methodology and concept of working capacity of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health in Helsinki (FIOH) to the Czech Republic. The project was focused on the target group of people aged over 50 years. The main goal of this project was the transfer of innovative tools for solving the problems with the target group of people aged over 50 years in the labour market. Projects activities were awareded by National Quality Award for support of Age Management in the Czech Republic in November, 2012.

Members of the organization were also involved in the realization of another international project (2013-15) within the Human Resources and Employment Operational Programme of the European Social Fund: “Implementation of Age Management in the Czech Re.” .we have been realizing our separate yearlong project “Active Approach, age does not matter” which aims to provide comprehensive support for project participants from the target age group 50+.

We attended an international conference on the theme “Age Difference – Threat or Opportunity” in Poland Opole in January 2016 (

The conference was realized within the project funded from the Visegrad Fund (Project ID: 11520200). The main project partner was a Polish organization Fundacja Rozwoju REGIONÓW, Age Management z.s. and Intenziva s.r.o.  from Slovakia were foreign project partners.

In the May 2016 the first 16 Czech facilitators in cooperation with the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health in Helsinki went through the exclusive training “The Towards a Successful Seniority.” This group method is a tool for workplaces for promotion of career management, motivation and mental well-being of their employees and supervisors. It helps workplaces in managing challenges posed by rapidly changing work environment.



Phone: +420 732 159 321

Office (where you can find us):
Orlí 542/27, third floor, 602 00, Brno

The entrance to the building at Orlí 27 is situated in the arcade (between the French Second Hand and the optics). When you walk up the stairs, on the left side you can see our doorbell.